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All Colors tattoo removal
Northshore Tattoo Removal

Covington, LA

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"Heather is the best.  I strongly recommend going to see her to get tattoos removed."


"When I made the decision to have my tattoo removed, I wanted it to be done by a professional and by a well known business. I was very nervous on my first appointment, but the great staff at Dr. Schultis’ office was so cheerful and reassuring. I just finished my third laser session and my husband is amazed at how faded it is already. It will be wonderful to wear sleeveless shirts to work, especially living in New Orleans, and not have to worry about anyone looking at me differently."  

Northshore Tattoo Removal




Stefanie A. Schultis, MD

110 Lakeview Circle  Ste A

Covington, LA  70443 

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