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Best Tattoo Removal New Orleans

Would you change it if you could?

Fade, Cover or Remove

Northshore Tattoo Removal Covington, LA

Not All Lasers Are Created Equal

Northshore Tattoo Removal Uses the Enlighten Laser by Cutera.

This is a game changer for anyone looking to remove or lighten tattoos. With 3 different wavelengths, Northshore Tattoo Removal can remove all inks all colors. Up to 40% Faster and Fewer Sessions. 


Enlighten is the leader in laser tattoo removal, and it has shown exceptional clearance of all ink colors in shorter and fewer sessions than it’s competition. As the world’s first and only dual wavelength (1064 nm + 532 nm) and dual pulse duration (picosecond + nanosecond) laser system, Enlighten offers removal options that traditional lasers couldn’t even imagine! This laser is also safe for all skin colors and skin types.

Previously, lasers could only treat ink that was placed on the surface of the skin. Tattoo artists place ink as deep as possible to ensure tattoos stay put and do not peel away during the healing process.


Dr. Stefanie A. Schultis invests in the best to give you the best in safe and effective tattoo removal.

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Our patients come in for a variety of reasons:

  • One too many tattoos

  • Regret

  • Fade to add another tattoo

  • Misspelling

Tattoo Removal Covington LA

Change of heart is the #1 reason why people seek laser tattoo removal.

That unforgettable tattoo can become forgotten with the most advanced laser tattoo removal technology available.

As a tattoo is exposed to the elements skin begins showing the effects of age and sun damage distinctly. Unfortunately for those with tattoos, these same environmental factors change the appearance of ink on the skin. The effect is the disbursement of tattoo ink causing the work to look less definitive.

Northshore's Best Laser Tattoo Removal uses the CUTERA® enlighten™ . 

It is the safest, most effective and affordable laser solution today. STRONGER, FASTER and DEEPER are the words to best describe how this truly amazing piece of medical machinery goes to work when compared to all other lasers on the market.

Professions that generally don't allow tattoos.

Although it varies from city to city, these professions are the least tattoo-friendly, either because they are customer-facing or because their policies have not been updated.

  • Banks and financial institutions

  • Customer service

  • Military

  • Government

  • Healthcare professions

  • Law firms

  • Management

  • Reception and front desk

  • Sales

  • Teachers

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