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Enlighten Technology from Cutera
Northshore Laser Tattoo Removal
Covington, Mandeville, Slidell, New Orleans

Clinically Proven

to be the Fastest Device

in the Laser Tattoo Removal Industry.

enlighten tattoo removal covington LA
Tattoo Fading

Northshore's Best Laser Tattoo Removal uses the enlighten™ laser from Cutera that combines 3 different laser wavelengths, along with both picosecond and nanosecond laser technology.  This provides for the most complete laser tattoo removal available.  It is the equivalent of having 5 different lasers available to treat tattoos of all colors on all skin types.  

This means people seeking tattoo removal can now expect to obtain markedly improved results in treating tattoos of multiple colors, even the typically difficult colors such as green, turquoise and blue. Another advantage of the enlighten™ III laser is that each treatment session will be faster and easier. 

Tattoo removal was difficult in the past because when the skin is punctured and pigment inserted into the lower layer of skin, the body’s own defense mechanism reacts to this ‘injury’ but is unable to cast out the larger particles of pigment. Before the development of laser therapy, the only alternatives available to people seeking to have their tattoos removed were surgical excision, skin grafts and the use of salt, acid and other chemical abrasives.

Whether you have someone's name tattooed on your arm that you are no longer with or troublesome body art, Northshore Laser Tattoo Removal and Stefanie A. Schultis, M.D. in Covington are here to help you. Treatment prices are per session.

Tattoo Sleeve
Tattoo Removal in New Orleans

Don't wake up to your Ex's name anymore!

Northshore Tattoo Removal Google Reviews
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Northshore Tattoo Removal Review

Amazing!! Not only did I see a big difference after one treatment it really wasn’t that painful. Heather Harris the tech that does the treatments is sooo super sweet and friendly and extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of your skin. Great customer service also. No problems getting in with her and she works with your schedule as much as possible. You will leave happy with your results and with a new friend.

Michele Hansen, March 1 2019

Heather Harris was absolutely incredible!!!! She walked me through the entire process. I was looking to lighten my tattoo for a cover up and after 2 sessions it was almost gone ! Highly recommend!

Christina Donze, April 27 2018  

Heather Harris is the best! My wonderful Fiancé struggled for years getting her tattoo’s removed before we found this amazing gem! Heather is amazing. Her wonderful treatments worked immediately without the intense pain we’ve experienced in the past. She truly is the BEST!!! We would give her the highest recommendations for anyone. We can’t thank her enough for her kindness, concern and professional treatment. 10 Stars for Heather!

Glenn Gaethe, June 20 2018

I recently got a large dark rose cover up on my rib cage that I instantly regretted. But that’s not all, I then went a few days later and got an ugly bird on my wrist, as if the huge dark tattoo on my side wasn’t enough. To get to the point, I am not a tattoo person, I like them on other people, but not on me as much. So I just want a clean start. I’ve been researching awhile and discovered the Enlighten laser with dual lasers. I am excited to start the journey to getting back to myself. Prayers are appreciated and I am willing to answer any questions.

Enlighten Tattoo Removal - Worth It Patient Post to

I have a tattoo that was not finished and not going to be for many reasons and so I chose to have it removed. It went from just underneath my breast down my ribs and onto the top of my thigh. I did A LOT of research on different lasers and doctors. I ended up driving 2 hours each way for the one I chose. I used BLT (numbing cream) and ice which helped a lot. My consultation and first session were done same day. They walked me through everything. Took pics. I felt very at ease when it started. The feeling itself was nowhere near what I expected. I may have a high pain tolerance there since the tattoo itself wasn't too awful for me either. But all in all I am very pleased so far. I am tender, red, and swollen but like I said I just had it done this morning. I will update over the following weeks.

Review of Enlighten III Tattoo Removal, Patient Post to

Fade, Cover or Completely Remove 

These are a few of the most popular requests.

Popular Tattoo Requests
Sleeve Fade

Fading For A New Tattoo

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Certain Regret

Ring Tattoo Removal Northshore Tattoo

Ring Tattoo

Misspelled Tattoo Removal

Misspelled Tattoos

Tramp Stamp Tattoo Removal Slidell

Tramp Stamp

Laser Tattoo Removal Covington Northshor

Complete Removal

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