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Military Tattoo Discounts New Orleans

Military and First Responder Discounts

Northshore Tattoo Removal

20% Off Treatment Packages

Northshore Laser Tattoo Removal is proud to offer a 20% discount on treatment packages to all Military Active, Retired or Recruits,  Fire, Police and EMS workers.

New recruits for the armed forces are finding it increasingly difficult to join with their tattoos.  The military takes tattoos seriously. It is very possible that laser tattoo removal is in your future if the military is your choice of careers. However, it is important to meet with a recruiter for the most current policies and ask any questions you have regarding your tattoos.


The military also has policies in place regarding tattoos while on active duty.  If your tattoo is found inappropriate, they may require it to be removed.  In any case, we are here to help you remove any obstacles to a successful career. Please call us for a free consultation and take advantage of the 20% discount. Northshore Tattoo Removal appreciates your choice in career and sacrifices you’ve made to protect and serve. It is our patriotic duty to help in the best way we know how.


Follow these links to armed forces overview of tattoo requirements.  We accept valid employment ID and Recruitment Contact Information.



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